Contrary to what most people know, special discounts for students, senior citizens, PWDs (persons-with-disability), and national athletes/coaches in passenger transport services are not only for buses and jeepneys. Our current laws provide that this 20% discount also includes other public transportation such as the ride-hailing app, Grab.

Unlike jeepneys and buses where you may avail of the discount by just presenting your identification card, the case in Grab is a little bit tricky. You have to apply first to make use of this privilege.

Who are eligible for Grab’s special discount?

According to our laws, only Filipino citizens who are enrolled students in grade school, high school, college (post-graduate students cannot avail of the discount), senior citizens, PWDs, and national athletes/coaches may qualify for the said discount.

Foreigners, however, are not eligible of this discount. If you are a Dual Citizen, you must provide proof of citizenship.

If you’re a PWD who is still a minor, your parent/guardian must provide his/her birth certificate and a parent/guardian ID as an additional requirement.


What Grab services are covered by the discount?

The said discount is valid for GrabCar (Sedan, 6-Seater, and Premium) and GrabShare rides only. This, however, does not apply to GrabFood and GrabExpress services. Currently, our laws only provide a discount on transportation and not on other services Grab offer.

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What documents are needed to apply?

To apply for the said discount in Grab, you are required to provide certain documents. You need to scan or take a photo of these to be uploaded on Grab’s website. Check the list below on what you need.

Students of primary to collegiate level

  • Valid School ID and
  • Current school Registration Form (must show the academic year)

Senior Citizens

  • Senior Citizen ID or
  • Valid government-issued ID with birthdate

Persons with Disability

  • PWD ID (front and back) and
  • Valid government-issued ID

National Athlete/Coach

  • Identification Card issued by Philippine Sports Commission and
  • Valid government-issued ID

Not sure which ID you can use? Check out this list of valid IDs in the Philippines.

How to apply for the special discount in Grab rides

Step 1

Open this link and log in using your Grab Account.

Step 2

Choose whether you’re a student/senior citizen/PWD/national athlete coach.

Step 3

Fill out the needed information and upload the required documents. Then click “Submit”.

Step 4

Grab will email you for confirmation of your application. You’ll have to wait 3-5 business days for your request. It is important to note that Grab has the discretion to deny your application if they find your documents insufficient or improper.

Step 5

Grab will then email you your special code. They’ll also provide instructions on how you’ll use the discount.

Transferability and expiration of the Grab discount code

The discount code is non-transferable. This means that it will only be valid if you, the owner of the special discount code is also the passenger. Likewise, you are allowed to bring other passengers along but make sure to book through your registered account.

For PWD special discount given to a minor, it is a requirement that the guardian must accompany the minor during the trip.

In terms of the expiration, check the list below:

  • Student Discount — one year from the time of discount registration
  • Senior Citizen Discount — No expiration
  • PWD Discount — No expiration
  • National athlete/coach — Valid for one year from the time of discount registration

It’s that simple. If you’re eligible of the discount, prepare all your documents and apply now. It’s quick and easy, so you’ll get to enjoy cheaper fares on your Grab rides afterwards.

If you have any questions regarding this 20% special discount in Grab, let us know and we’ll try our best to help you out.

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  1. Not yet received my confirmation for senior special discount for grab ride.
    Special discount in grab rides for senior.
    I am senior already. Thank you and God Bless us all and always ????????

  2. Sir/Madam,
    This is Liza Angeles, PWD, would like to follow up my grab application for special discount, it has been almost 2 weeks and no reply was received from your end Will appreciate your reply the soonest. Thank you and God bless.
    Liza S. Angeles
    Stroke Survivor PWD