The Philippines and its capital city, Manila, have seen a backslide in ranking from the Global Innovation Index, according to the latest data gathered by global advisory firm, Tholons.

A benchmark for assessing locations around the world for competitiveness for business process outsourcing locators, the newest information shows the Philippines dropped 13 levels from the 2020 5th ranking in the “Top 50 Digital Nations” category to 18th in 2021. Manila, which previously held the 2nd spot in the “Top 100 Super Cities,” sees itself plunged down to 8th place.

Bangalore, which held the number one spot in the same category 15 years in a row, has also shown backslide, lowering it down to the 3rd ranking for the first time. Toronto, meanwhile, overtook Bangalore to the top spot.


Going back to the “Top 50 Digital Nations” classification, India, an enduring frontrunner, dropped down to the 3rd spot after the United States see itself catapulting to the peak level.

As per the report, digital innovations stemming from arising technologies like AI, analytics, and big data will persist in the decades to come, implying the importance of such areas in the future of the business.

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