If you have a handset that only works on 2G and 3G frequencies, don’t bother buying a SIM card from DITO Telecommunity. The third telco in the Philippines only operates on 4G and 5G frequencies.

Specifically, you need to check if your phone’s specifications mention compatibility of the following bands that are licensed to DITO:

  • 700MHz Band 28
  • 2000MHz Band 34
  • 2100MHz Band 1
  • 2500MHz Band 41 LTE/LTE-A/LTE-A Pro
  • 3300MHz Band 52
  • 3500MHz Band n78 5G

Also worth mentioning is that not all cell sites of DITO Telecommunity use these frequencies. And if you’re using a Nokia 3310 or any other legacy phone, you can forget about DITO.

That said, the company’s initial list of compatible handsets enumerates a variety of phones. There are the expected high-end devices from Samsung and Huawei, such as Galaxy the S20 series and Mate 40 series. But there are also more affordable, compatible units from Vivo, OPPO, Cherry Mobile, and more.

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  1. Did you just outright copy yung list of frequencies/bands from WIkipedia without consulting Dito?

    In case you don’t know any better, deploying LTE in Band 52 does not make sense as there are barely any device that supports it.

    Also, their whole 3300-3400MHz (100MHz total; listed as 3300 MHz LTE Band 52 in Dito Wikipedia) spectrum is also usable as n78 5G as actually better suited to be used as such as compared to their 3480-3520MHz (40 MHz total; listed in Dito Wikipedia under 3500 MHz n78) due to its larger bandwidth. If anything, their 3480-3520MHz spectrum chunk is also usable as LTE Band 42 and has existing (albeit small) number of devices that can utilize it (should they decide to).

    If possible, please quote Dito directly. The source used in Wikipedia was a GMA News article only listing the frequencies but not the bands those are implemented. It was presumptuous on the part of the one who entered that info.

  2. Good afternoon po…Ang cp ko po ay redmi note 9 4G… compatible po ba ito?gusto ko po kasing gumamit ng Dito sim…