Chinese researchers are reportedly encouraging China to find ways on how they can disrupt the operations of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet.

A paper from China’s Modern Defence Technology journal explained why Starlink is such a major threat to the country. Based on a report by South China Morning Post, the paper was allegedly written by researchers with links to China’s defense industry.

Starlink currently has over 2,000 satellites orbiting Earth. In the future, SpaceX seeks to grow the network to over 30,000 satellites in order to provide high-speed broadband to individuals and businesses all over the world.

The paper notes that “While (Starlink) is booming and also because of its huge comprehensive application potential, it has brought hidden dangers and challenges to our country.”


Supplying consumers with satellite-based internet is no issue, but the researchers note that Starlink may be utilized for a variety of US military purposes, like beaming internet communications to US personnel and aircraft.

Chinese researchers are also concerned that the Starlink network could be used to not just detect and track Chinese missiles and satellites, but also to destroy them.

As a response, the academics are urging China to enhance its “space war strategy” and find ways on how they can defend and attack in case something happens.

Source: PCMag

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