The demand for smartphones with telephoto lens is expected to rise in 2024 and is projected to surpass the 200 million units sold in 2022.

Data from a recent Counterpoint Research report titled “Telephoto Lens Takes Mass Market Mobile Photography to a New Level” show an increase in consumer interest in high-quality zoom and portrait features that used to be exclusively available in professional cameras.

For many users, telephoto lenses have become an indispensable tool for smartphone photography, as these lenses are already capable of capturing moments at a professional level thanks to advanced smartphone imaging technology. The Counterpoint report reflects this sentiment, noting that the sales volume of global smartphones with telephoto cameras has increased from 16.6 percent in H1 2022 to 19.3 percent in H1 2023.


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Likewise, the report shows that the sales volume in China has increased as well, from 17.9 percent in H1 2022 to 24.4 percent in H1 2023. This suggests a shift towards mass-market adoption, with consumers expecting premium features in affordable smartphones.

The report further highlights the aggressive acquisition by leading tech OEMs of technology related to telephoto lenses. Smartphone manufacturer also OPPO said that it has significantly contributed to this trend with its Reno series. One notable model in the series is the Reno10, which is known for its astounding camera performance. OPPO will also soon have a global launch for its follow-up series, the Reno11, which promises studio-level photography for the masses.

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