XRAI Glass, a tech startup based in London, has unveiled a pair of smart glasses that utilizes augmented reality technology to provide deaf people with real-time closed captioning during conversations.

As demonstrated by XRAI Chief Brand Officer Jacquie Press, the smart glasses can be used during a conversation over the phone. The company developed a proprietary software solution that records audio, processes it, and then displays subtitles on the screen of the smart glasses shortly after. The software also has voice recognition capability, which means the smart glasses can identify whoever is speaking to the wearer.

XRAI Glass plans to make the smart glasses initially available on a two-month public preview period, during which pilot users can get the glasses at a reduced cost. After the preview, the software may be separately charged, and the upfront cost of the glasses may be increased depending on user feedback.

XRAI Glass intends to continue adding more capabilities to its smart glasses, such as language translation and the ability to detect voice tone, accent, and pitch.

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