Cherry Home is making our rainy season a little less cold as it introduces the Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe.

No doubt there is no cooler time of the year here in the Philippines than during the rainy season. A time when there is a seemingly endless downpour that makes everything wet. But nothing makes for a better accompaniment during the cold month than with a warm blanket as well as a hot cup of joe on the side. Yet, why take the effort of needing to go to the nearest café just to get your fix when you can make one personally at home?

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With Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe, that is indeed not a problem. Whether you are looking to fulfill your need for warmth with a small 60 mL cup or a bigger 140 mL cup, this coffee maker can fill whatever the volume for your consumption. Designed with the N Capsule, DG Capsule, Coffee Powder, and K-Cup in mind, this means that the drink you could make is directly in alignment with how you like your premium coffee. All these benefits you can have with your hot drink with the Cherry Coffee Maker Deluxe for Php5,500 at the Cherry Shop.

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