The pandemic, political issues, unemployment, food insecurity, Internet trolls, you name it. Many Filipinos have too much on their plate that undermine their mental well-being. On the bright side, dealing with stress, anxiety and depression isn’t a solitary, internal struggle.

Several services and help are available for persons seeking treatment. MindNation, for instance, is an app that just launched in the Philippines to provide a more accessible approach on mental health care.

Founded in 2019, MindNation is a mental health service provider that claims to have given assistance to more than 200,000 individuals across the globe. Through its app, certified mental health coaches and therapists provide teletherapy sessions with evidence-based processes to improve one’s well-being.


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The MindNation app also features a daily mood tracker that, along with a short quiz, can gauge and record your well-being over time. A vast library pertaining to mental health knowledge is available via the on-demand learning program called MindED, which also comes with audio/visual exercises, tools, and worksheets.

MindNation is available for free on Android and iOS. In-app purchases, including a premium subscription with a Php249 monthly rate (or Php2,490 yearly) are also available. For a limited time, the premium subscription comes with free one-to-one sessions with a mental being coach.

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