Keeping your mental health in check is a big challenge when you are just stuck at the four corners of your room away from the thrilling world. It can be relaxing for several days as your mind and body ease up then you just find monotony messing your daily mood. Your routine and body clock may turn around but we can always look at the brighter picture during the quarantine period.

As the global coronavirus pandemic slowed down the fast-paced world, not everyone is mentally capable of keeping up with its speed. Various studies that ‘forced’ physical and social distancing increased the number of people experiencing anxiety. We wanted you not to feel alone despite being away from your friends, so we are recommending our 5 best picks for meditations apps to keep ourselves mentally fit amidst the lockdown.  

Insight Timer

Primarily offered without any extra cost, the Insight Timer offers customized meditations to keep ourselves free from stress and anxiety. Using the app can also be a source to give quality and longer sleep especially this lockdown period that our bedtimes are turned upside down.


In addition, you can watch lectures and hear better sleep stories for meditation. You can also find and follow meditation experts around the globe to dive into fruitful mindfulness.

Download Insight Timer: Android | iOS


Based on the focused attention technique for meditation, the Mesmerize app features kaleidoscope graphics and trippy visuals to soothe and calm your eyes and brain.


Instead of keeping your eyes closed on every meditation session, you will be asked to softly open your eyes and stare at the provided visuals. The software has a library of acoustic psychological music tracks to relax your senses before heading to sleep.

Download Mesmerize: iOS

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Ten Percent Happier

Created by a best-selling book author from New York, Dan Harris has created the Ten-Percent Happier app for you to connect with meditation leaders and mental health professionals.


It gives any user a one-by-one session to open up your heart and speak up regarding your disturbing thoughts. You have to get a schedule depending on your availability. In addition, it hopes that meditating and being calm for at least an hour delivers hundredfold benefits.

Download Ten Percent Happier: Android | iOS


Offered to everyone who is searching for tranquility using your sense of hearing, the Inscape app contains hundreds of meditative sounds and animations.


The creator aims to add a mind-focused ‘ethos’ to the comfort of your home. There is a depot of sleep tracks, meditation podcasts, and visuals that are tailored upon your personal needs.

Download Inscape: iOS


Known as the best-reviewed and on-the-go app for relaxation and meditation, Calm seeks to stabilize your mental state and your current physical well-being. Each session will last for a minimum of 10 minutes guided by Tamara Levitt, a writer, musician, and meditation instructor who speaks of real-life lessons and inspiring messages injected in your personal needs.


Calm also offers mind-training to boost a person’s confidence, heal a brokenheart, soothe body pain, and keep ourselves anxiety-free. Notably, there are stories perfect for a nice sleep made for young users, teens, and even senior citizens.  

Download Calm: Android | iOS

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