Trevor Jacob, a pilot, YouTuber, and a former Olympic snowboarder has his pilot license revoked after posting a 13-minute video of himself escaping a crashing plane last December 2021.

A three-month-long investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has been done after the incident. There is enough evidence that supports the fact that Jacobs has purposely operated the plane to crash.

“You (Jacobs) opened the left side pilot door before you (Jacobs) claimed the engine had failed,” FAA said.


Jacob also installed a series of cameras inside and outside the plane which also includes the direction of the front propeller. The reason of which is obvious — to record the best angle for the video.

During the crash, the FAA observed that Jacob failed to contact the emergency Air Traffic Control through the radio, failed to restart the engine of the plane, failed to scope out any other place for a safe landing, and immediately jumped out of the plane while holding out a camera. These acts greatly alarmed the FAA and have been confirmed with the earlier accusations against Jacob.


The FAA is not able to prosecute a case against Jacob but has effectively revoked Jacob’s license and has issued him fines against his theatrical acts.

Jacob in his new video stated that he cannot give any further statements about the issue, as advised by his attorney.

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