Back at the Mobile World Conference 2021 late last month, ZTE launched Project YouCare as a new health monitoring service in the form of a smart T-shirt.

That’s right, it’s a new technology that you can wear. It’s made of a special textile that can be washable and comfortable to wear. Based on the available pictures, it’s made to appear just like a regular shirt but with the added sensors to check your vitals.

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Speaking of these sensors, which ZTE made in collaboration with developers in Italy, they can check for sweat, muscle effort, heartbeat rate, and breathing. Specifically, these are polymeric sensors imperceptibly added into the textile, with a small control unit for converting data into a digital format.

To transfer these health data to connected smartphones or dedicated online storage services, Project YouCare utilizes ZTE’s 5G technology. The company believes that 5G’s significantly fast data transmission will usher in advancements in medical software.

Source: ZTE

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