Technology is evolving at a great rate. Simultaneously, tech job opportunities are growing exponentially.

In this day and age, a career in the tech industry is considered high-paying and in-demand, which piques the interest of the Filipino community. Nowadays, more and more tech employers offer a work-from-home setup that provides accessibility and no commute time for their employees. This is a big win for Filipinos aiming to get a job with a salary that fits their lifestyle and needs.

It can be confusing to know how to take the first steps towards working within the tech industry, which is why you can learn the ropes in this field by either self-studying or learning from professionals in a Coding Bootcamp. Coding Bootcamps offer condensed and intensive courses with a carefully curated curriculum. This type of training focuses on teaching students essential skills and providing them with real-time training.


To promote coding literacy and provide job opportunities in tech for everyone, everywhere, Zuitt provides a cost-effective bootcamp open for all aspiring web developers.

In this article, let’s identify some of the reasons why you should consider Zuitt as the coding bootcamp of your choice.

  • Reason 1: Zuitt is Globally Competitive. Proof of Zuitt’s competitiveness is its fast response in the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic. The short-term transition to online classes challenged Zuitt to deliver 100% online-live instruction that is as effective as its on-site or face-to-face classes nationwide. Fast forward to today, its world-class quality classes are now available for anyone worldwide. Zuitt proudly celebrates its global debut, teaching international pioneer students from Japan, Africa, France, USA, and India. In addition, Zuitt continues to expand its wings by providing training around the world, just like in India, through its coding bootcamps initiatives. 
  • Reason 2: Zuitt has a 4+ rating on Performance Reviews. How will you know that service was well-served? You look for testimonials or feedback from people who experienced it. When you check items you shop on online stores, reviews or feedback from buyers help you decide to go with it. You can check out what our bootcampers say about their experience learning with us. Zuitt has many good reviews (4+ ratings) from creditable coding bootcamp online review sites like Course Report, Switchup, and Career Karma. 
  • Reason 3: Zuitt offers Study Now, Pay Later. Yes! Coding Bootcamps are cost-effective, but for some, it’s still quite an investment to enroll. The good news is that Zuitt offers an affordable and flexible payment plan. Before starting the class, Study Now, Pay Later has a fixed low deposit amount (deductible from the full training fee). All remaining amounts will be paid monthly once the bootcamp training is finished. 
  • Reason 4: Zuitt has an Online Live Instruction Class Style. Two top pros for learning in a coding bootcamp: (1) having guidance from an instructor, (2) having peers to learn with. In Zuitt, you’ll have both just like in a usual classroom setting. All throughout, your live classes are packed with code-along sessions, problem-solving exercises, and other activities to help you learn the ropes of becoming a Full Stack Web Developer.
  • Reason 5: Zuitt has an outstanding curriculum. Tech veterans carefully curated Zuitt’s Developer Career Program through continuous research of web development trends. Zuitt will teach you everything you need to know to become a Full Stack Web Developer from scratch. Its beginner-friendly curriculum will open new doors of possibilities to future career growth for students without any coding or IT background, especially career shifters. And since Zuitt’s curriculum includes outcome-based learning, you will also work on your capstone projects to build your developer profile. This profile can be used to showcase all the skills you developed throughout the bootcamp.
  • Reason 6: Zuitt has flexible Bootcamp Schedules. Learning a new skill requires not only funds but also the amount of time you will be investing. Zuitt values your time and understands your needs. Whether you are a student or you have a full-time day job, Zuitt has flexible Bootcamp schedules that you can choose from. The training is conducted from Mondays to Fridays and can be taken Full-time (8 AM to 5 PM PHT) for 2 months or Part-time (5:30 PM to 9:30 PM PHT) for 3 months. In just 2-3 months, you will be able to call yourself a Full Stack Web Developer.
  • Reason 7: Zuitt has the Best Instructors. Learn from experienced instructors. Zuitt instructors are equipped with a series of various and rigorous training. Yet, with the best interests at heart, they uphold the core values of the company: (1) Passion for learning, (2) passion for performance, (3) and passion for camaraderie. Zuitt already has over 2,800 trainees in over 210 batches that can attest to that.
  • Reason 8: Zuitt cares about your Career Journey. Career Training Sessions like Resume writing, Interview Coaching, and Career roadmap are conducted for all bootcampers. In Zuitt, it’s about gaining the technical skills for the job and the comprehensive know-how, including job-hunting and the must-have soft skills you will need to become workforce ready.
  • Reason 9: Zuitt is always in-the-know. In the fast-paced world of tech, changes in web development trends are recurrent. As a result, Zuitt’s bootcampers have exclusive access to its short courses for continuous learning to stay competent in the field. 

And there you have it! Do you wish to start your coding journey with Zuitt? Learn more about its services, fees, schedules, and curriculum by registering and booking a live consultation.

If you’re interested in learning more of Zuitt and the results of their previous bootcampers, Zuitt also has a YouTube Channel that does frequent uploads from topics such as testimonials to tech podcasts.

Zuitt is now accepting enrollees for its upcoming bootcamp. Click here for the next available schedule. Slots are still available for Full time and Part time Developer Career Program classes. Enroll now!

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