Microsoft launched Windows 11 with one missing feature: official support for Android apps without a need for an emulator. That feature, based on Android 12, arrived a few months later, and now, it will also be updated to Android 13.

Officially called the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA), it will be getting the Android 13 update and in fact, is now available for beta testing.

The early version of the update has been quietly dropped in a beta channel and will come with a couple of new features apart from what we already know from Android 13:

  • New command to shut down WSA for automation
  • Up to 50% faster boot time on machines without hard disk drives
  • Better mouse click input
  • More stable clipboard
  • Better app resizing
  • Upgraded to Intel bridge technology
  • Media files opening in Windows are now more reliable
  • Jumplist entries for apps supporting app shortcuts

Being a beta version, getting Android 13 now on your Windows machine can get pretty complicated.

For one, only insiders can test them out and even they will still have to sign up for a separate preview program via a Microsoft account. Once done, they must wait for days before they can get the update via the Amazon Appstore.


Microsoft is yet to announce when the stable Android 13-based WSA is coming to Windows 11. Since it’s still in beta, we may have to wait a little longer.

Via: XDA Developers

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