Earlier than usual, Google just released Android 13, the new version of one of the most popular mobile operating systems in the world.

The new Android 13 version will come with new features both in design, security, and core capabilities.

As per Google, the update is now available for Pixel users. Meanwhile, devices from OEMs such as Samsung, Realme, Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus ASUS, Sony, Vivo, TECNO, and a whole lot more will get the update “later this year”.

Now the question is, what should you look forward to the update? Here we have listed the best new features of Android 13.

Improved Material You design


The Android 13 has an improved Material You design. It lets you customize the icons of non-Google apps so it matches your wallpaper themes and colors so they look more uniform.

Per-app language selection


Great for users who speak more than one language, you can assign particular languages to individual apps instead of relying on your device’s one language.

Flashier media player



The new media player is now more dynamic to match the music or podcast you’re listening to. For example, it can spotlight the album you’re listening to. It even has a special playback bar that dances to the music as it progresses.

Limit apps’ access to your photos, videos


Instead of giving full access to your entire photo and video library, you can grant apps access to only specific files.

Automatically clears clipboard with sensitive data

Android 13 can automatically clear your clipboard if you copied sensitive information like phone numbers, login credentials, etc., after a period of time to prevent unwanted access.

Stream messaging apps on laptops


So you don’t have to break your workflow, Android 13 will soon allow you to stream your messaging apps on your Chromebook laptops so you can reply to messages without having to pick up your phone.

Other notable features

  • Spatial Audio with head tracking (select devices)
  • Updated taskbar on tablets
  • HDR video support on third-party apps
  • New media output switcher

Those are the new features you can expect from Android 13. What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

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