The official customer service Twitter account of PLDT has been hacked by ‘Anonymous.’

UPDATE as of 1:51PM: It looks like PLDT has recovered the Twitter account as it now shows “PLDT Cares” as the account name and the previous tweets were now deleted. Only the original hacking tweet is up.

UPDATE as of 2:29PM: Everything is now deleted.

UPDATE as of 3:07PM: PLDT has issued an official statement regarding the incident. See tweet below.

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In a tweet posted 12:34PM today, the hackers said that Filipinos need faster internet in the time of pandemic to connect with their loved ones.

The hacker also replaced the name of the Twitter account from “PLDT Cares” to “PLDT Doesn’t Care.”

Afterwards, they threatened Globe Telecom saying they are next.

‘Anonymous’ also tweeted the supposed password of the PLDT account.


As of writing, PLDT is yet to recover the account.

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