The rumored follow-up to the PlayStation has been a hot topic on the internet recently. Especially true that Sony has shed some light on what to expect in its new gaming console, which concerns the console’s SSD. 

Touted for being speedy, information claims that the SSD makes the PlayStation 5 100 times faster than the PlayStation 4. This might sound eerily as a sales talk coming from the Sony camp to drive up hype. 

But even the CEO of Epic Games seems on in the pitch as well, claiming it being the best there is in all platforms. Even going so far as citing its superiority when compared with the fastest SSD on the PC.

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Looking into the actual specification of the said hardware, the claim seem to hold water given the SSD’s 8Gb/s rate. Now, this number is indeed impressive and is something that an equally fast processor can push for which, luckily, the PlayStation 5 is expectedly having.

Now, while it is still quite too early to expect PlayStation 5’s arrival. Audiences can, however, expect some juicier news about the console early this June. 

Source: Sony

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