Sony has finally unveiled one of the biggest components of the upcoming PlayStation 5 — the DualSense controller.

The new PlayStation 5 DualSense controller will bring a couple of significant upgrades over its predecessor. It has new hardware, features, and a noticeably better design. Read on to learn more about it.


#1 New design

Sony is implementing a new two-tone design for the DualSense controller. The revealed unit is predominantly white, with black accents in the analog area and the trigger buttons on the top. We expect other color combinations and special editions to come out in the future.

The light bar accentuates the touchpad for an extra design touch. The company also reconfigured the hand triggers, resulting in a more ergonomic grip.

#2 Built-in microphone

You don’t need to plug in an external headset to chat with friends on the PlayStation 5. With the DualSense controller’s built-in microphone array, you can chat with teammates easily without having to plug anything.


More importantly, the 3.5mm headphone port is still present if you want to power a fancy pair of headset.

#3 Adaptive Triggers

One of the biggest updates in the DualSense controllers is the adaptive triggers on both the L2 and L3 buttons.

Each trigger will change in tactility depending on what you’re controlling. Like when you’re drawing an arrow or lifting something heavy.

#4 Haptic feedback

PlayStation 5 really wants to make everything more immersive for the players, which they are doing by making you feel every action in your hands.

Other than the adaptive triggers, the new PS5 controller has haptic feedback. It will provide the right amount of vibrations depending on the scenario, so you can feel the difference between driving in different surfaces on a racing game — from the rumble strips to the mud.


#5 Create button

Sony replaced the Share with a new Create button on the new DualSense PlayStation 5 controller. As per the company, it will allow players to create “epic gameplay content” for them to share with everyone, even outside the gaming the world.


The details about this feature are a bit scarce but the company promises to reveal more in the coming months.

#6 USB Type-C

Although it was not officially mentioned, the final renders show that the DualSense controller will come with a USB Type-C for charging and connectivity. This means that you can easily use your smartphone or laptop charger with it.

#7 Battery

Sony also said that, despite the new hardware crammed inside, they have reconfigured the battery to keep the controllers as light as possible. However, the battery life, despite being already impressive on the DualShock 4, might remain the same.


Well, basically that’s it. Now, we have to wait for Sony to fully unveil the PlayStation 5 in the flesh. In the meantime, you can check its full specs of PS5 here.

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