In times of crisis, getting accurate and relevant information is just as important as any other measures. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who still become victims of unverified data on the internet.

To help with this issue, the University of the Philippines Resilience Institute introduced a new Facebook bot named Yani the Endcovbot (in short for Bayanihan and in a way to honor our current frontline heroes).

With Yani the Endcovbot, Facebook users may find answers to frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 crisis. Contrary to what many might think, it not only answers questions about health but also other important inquiries in terms of economics, education, and transportation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Aside from those mentioned, it also provides psychological support for those with mental and emotional needs. People may also find details about the nearest hospitals and other medical facilities.

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As mentioned, the messenger bot covers a wide range of topics. For instance, if you click the economic policy, you’ll encounter sub-topics such as Business Operations, Work Arrangements, Salaries, Hazard Pay, Economic Assistance, and even Filing of Taxes. 

On the other hand, if you clicked Mobility, you’ll have sub-topics about community quarantine, quarantine pass, curfew, public transportation, OFWs, and foreign nations.

Even specific government programs such as the social amelioration programs, DOLE CAMP Program, and interest-free loans (like Pag-IBIG) may be asked with this bot. To know more about this, visit the source link below.

Source: University of the Philippines Official Website

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