Most CCTVs today have motion sensors that send an alarm to users when it detects movements. However, it doesn’t filter the movements and will incessantly send a ping whenever it detects one, resulting in most users being annoyed and disregarding the system entirely. That’s one of the problems that five Filipino students are trying to address.

Five senior Computer Engineering students from the Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) in Quezon City developed an app called SulyApp, which can alert users and CCTV operators if the camera detects unwanted activities — all in real-time.

The group consists of students Adrian Galit, Jarod Augustus Austria, Kathleen Jogno, Franklin Nazareno, and Joaquin Tyrone Guevara.


SulyApp uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help analyze the movements of the people in-frame of the CCTV and help figure out if it’s criminal or not.

Once a suspicious pose or stance is detected, the SulyApp classifies it as an emergency and instantly rings an alarm, and can even send out an email notification to the nearest police station or desk.

TIP said in the statement that “SulyApp can be run anywhere in areas that have CCTVs – may it be in schools, homes, or small neighborhoods. Rather than relying on manpower and mere evidence retrieval, the app detects crimes as they happen, changing the way we do surveillance and permitting faster response time,”

The students’ invention has already gained attention, especially from the Philippine National Police – Information Technology Management Service (PNP-ITMS), who awarded the app the third prize in its second Hackathon contest last October 12 to 13, 2021.

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