Apple just announced that they are recalling select AirPods Pro units experiencing sound issues.

As per the tech giant, there are AirPods Pro units who have been affected by manufacturing issues, which may cause users to experience sound and noise-canceling problems.


It appears that this issue revolves around the earphones’ Active Noise Cancelling (ANC), which is ironically its flagship feature. Affected devices were manufactured before October 2020. Check if your AirPods Pro unit exhibits these issues:

  • A crackling or static sound that increases when you’re in a loud environment, while exercising, or when you’re speaking on the phone.
  • The active noise canceling (ANC) feature is not working as it should, losing bass, or increasing background audio.

If you’re experiencing these issues and you think your unit is eligible, you can go to Apple’s AirPods Pro Service Program page. The battery case is not affected so they will only replace the broken right, left, or both earbuds.

Upon checking, the program is also available in the Philippines. We have personal experience with Apple’s service programs before when we had our MacBook’s Butterfly keyboard replaced for free. And we can attest that the experience was pretty seamless.

Will Apple still replace your AirPods Pro even if it’s past the warranty? The answer is Yes. As per Apple, the program covers units for two years since it’s been bought. The AirPods Pro was announced only a year ago, so chances are, your unit is not that old.

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