After Apple, Samsung is also coming after prominent leakers


Prominent leakers have become really spot-on about the details they reveal ahead of a smartphone’s release. They became so good that top brands are now coming after them.

Apple — one of the most prominent names in the industry, hence a big target of such leaks — has already been reported to have been hunting down leakers.

Accurate leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

But besides Apple, one of Android’s top talents Samsung is also apparently coming after leakers. Max Jumbor of AllAboutSamsung said that Samsung is using copyright claims to take down leaked images and videos of unreleased products.

Jambor said that some images can disappear within days and it’s apparently “just the beginning”.

Evan Blass, one of the most popular reporter of leaks, said that he would delete posts that relate to Samsung products. However, he added that Samsung is only after the original sources and not the media that covers such content.

Besides Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi is also going after leaks recently.

Companies going after leakers has been a long time coming as it can actually affect the brand’s business interests. While most people would say that it can help marketing by creating hype, it actually breaches a company’s confidentiality.

It also breaks the people’s anticipation and loses the surprise factor in launch events.

Via: Android Authority

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