Water-resistance used to be a feature exclusive to high-end phones. Now, in 2021, almost all smartphones have it.

Sadly, few manufacturers won’t take the time to make their specs sheets detailed. That said, there are times where users are not even sure if their devices are water-resistant or what level of water penetration their phones can handle.

What’s where this Water Resistance Tester app comes in handy. Now, you might be asking, how can an app determine such a hardware feature? Well, upon closer look, it looks like it actually works legitimately.

Developed by Ray W, the app utilizes a phone’s barometer to help measure pressure levels. It does a calibration for a few seconds, after which, you’d be asked to firmly press two thumbs on designated areas of the display.

Once done, you should get a confirmation if your smartphone has the right seal for water resistance. If not, it would ask you to press your screen harder.

If you got the latter message, chances are, your smartphone never had or already lost its water resistance due to possible past damage.

This means it’s also handy if you want to check if your phone is still water-resistant. Chances are, you’re comfortable dropping it in the water as the specs sheet officially confirmed it has water resistance, but, the seals may have already deteriorated over time.

The app can also tell if your smartphone doesn’t have a barometer, which means that the app won’t work. Still, use this app with a grain of salt as a false sense of security can damage your phone entirely.

You can download the Water Resistance Tester app by Ray W on the Google Play Store. Upon checking, it’s not available on iOS App Store.

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