After over 12 months of skyrocketing gains in the CPU market share, chipmaker AMD’s hot streak has been ended by its rival Intel.

Per the June 2021 results of Steam’s monthly hardware survey, AMD experienced a decline in CPU share by 1.72 percent while Intel gained that much.

From 30.13 percent share in last month, AMD now stands at 28.41 percent. Intel rose from 69.86 percent to 71.58 percent.


Intel’s increase in CPU share has basically undone all of AMD’s gains since the start of the year 2021, when the latter enjoyed a 33.49 % market share.

Steam’s hardware survey does not explain what causes the changes in CPU market share. It’s fair to assume, though, that AMD’s recent chip shortage that led the company to focus on its high-end CPUs over its cheaper, entry-level processors may be partly to blame.

That, and Intel has also reduced the prices of its 10th and 11th-generation of Core processors.

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