Automatic Centre, the oldest appliance store in the Philippines, announced that it’s closing down.

In a letter sent to its partners, Automatic Appliance Inc. (AAI) president and CEO Geoffrey Lim announced that they are closing their appliance retailing operations starting October 10, 2021. AAI is the company behind Automatic Centre.

Like in most ill-fated businesses in the past year, AAI cites the current health crisis as the cause. The letter writes that the pandemic caused “tremendous challenges” to their business.

Automatic Centre’s closure is quite significant since it’s the oldest appliance and electronics retail store here in the Philippines. It was founded by Benito Lim 70 years ago, back in 1948, and has been owned by the Lim Family ever since.

No word yet as to how many employees and entities will be affected, but the letter assures its partners that “intend to work closely with each of you to ensure a smooth transition and closing process.”

Being the oldest in the business, the Automatic Centre name sure is a staple in the industry. This is why Lim added that they are currently looking for other parties that may be interested in “using/adopting” the brand.

The letter wraps up with Lim thanking everyone that supported the brand for seven decades. You can read the full letter below:


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