While our Asian neighbors are enjoying how fast LTE networks truly are, the Philippines is still scraping by with slow 3G Internet.

According to an ASEAN DNA infographic that’s based on one month of analyzed data, the average Internet in the Philippines is only 3.6Mbps, behind Laos (4Mbps), Indonesia (4.1Mbps), and Brunei and Myanmar (both at 4.9Mbps). Our average speed is so far behind the ASEAN average at 12.4Mbps and the global average at 17.5Mbps. Singapore, on the other hand, is the pack leader at 61Mbps.

What’s even more saddening is the fact that this new average Philippine Internet speed is hardly any better than the findings published last year by Akamai. For Q1 2013, we were getting by with an average of 1.4Mbps. But at least the speed more than doubled since then.

So, who’s to blame for the slow access to the Internet? Internet service providers? Data capping? Slow adoption? Whatever the reason is, I just hope things will change for the better.

[Source: ASEAN DNA]

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  1. I hope that we would like to suggest them to upgrade those signals faster. Because of higher prices of equipment and poor infrastructure of other provinces, there will be an even slower Internet speed.