It seems like every week, Cherry Mobile has another phone to tease, announce or release. Well, the pioneer local brand was at it again today, posting a video on their Facebook page for what is obviously their next big smartphone.

Cherry Mobile New Phone Teaser 3

If you were able to catch the video, you might have noticed the big giveaway as to what to expect from their next smartphone offering. The mysteriously dark and sparkly background is almost enough of a clue in itself, but toward the end, the video flashes a much different logo from the Cherry Mobile logo we’re accustomed to. Actually, it’s the logo of the Cherry Mobile Cosmos Series, which means we’re looking at a higher end phone.

Cherry Mobile New Phone Teaser 2

At the moment, there’s little else to go on except that logo. Even the 3D render of the phone that was flaunted throughout the video revealed very little. For now, we’ll just have to wait until Cherry Mobile reveals more official details. Still, after a couple of entry level offerings, I think it’s about time they came out with something higher end.

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