DOST-ASTI releases Virtual Reality Simulation Space app


The Department of Science and Technology wants you to learn, explore and discover the latest space tech available in the Philippines.

One of DOST’s research and development agencies, the Advanced Science and Technology Institute, has developed a virtual reality app that lets you take a virtual tour of the ground receiving stations in Metro Manila, Davao City, and Iloilo.

Right after launching the app, you can explore the ground-based elements of the country’s spacecraft system. The app is built using Unity and features a standard set of on-screen controllers for movement and the camera.

Also showcased are the various satellites tied to the Philippine Earth Data Resource and Observation (PEDRO) Center. To name a few, there’s the first Filipino-designed Diwata-1, the Cosmo-Skymed, and the cube satellite Maya-1, whose successors are currently up in space.

The ASTI Virtual Reality Simulation app is available as a free download at the Google Play Store.

Source: DOST

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