Big companies filing lawsuits against each other can get either too expensive or too messy. In this case, it looks like Nokia and OPPO, who are fighting about 5G patents, will take the latter.

Back in July, Nokia sued OPPO over apparent patent infringement in countries like India, France, Germany, and the UK. A couple of months later, OPPO retaliated by filing 5G patent infringement lawsuits against Nokia in China and Europe.

There’s no surprise that companies are standing their ground in terms of 5G standard essential patents. As you know, 5G technology has become more commercialized, leading to increasing 5G patent licensing rates.

Nokia has recently settled a patent dispute it had with Daimler as it pushes to enter the 5G industry.

The Finnish company has been raking money on licensing agreements with brands, and over the years, they have sued a lot of companies for patent infringement. This will be the first time that they are being counter-sued.

Via: GizmoChina

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