Renowned motorcycle company Ducati is also making electric scooters and they just released a new one, the Ducati Pro-III e-scooter

The Ducati Pro-III features NFC connectivity so you can easily tap a special token for it to start. No keys needed. Just wait until the 3.2 LED display says “Passed” and you’re good to go. It also has a USB port if you want to charge your smartphone or other devices.


It also features a fancy magnesium alloy frame, weighs about 17.5kg, has 10-inch tubeless tires in front and back, and double front and rear disk brakes with KERS. It has maximum weight support of 100kg.

For performance, it comes with a 350W motor that peaks at 515W that provides 6kmph speeds at L1, 15kmph at L3, 20kmph at L3, and a max speed of 25kmph at L4.


It’s rigged with a 468Wh 36V battery that can last for up to 50km. A full charge will take about 9 hours. The Pro-III e-scooter comes with an integrated app available for both iOS and Android devices. The app lets you see the scooter’s performance, location, or if you want to request assistance via real-time chat.

You can get the Ducati Pro-III e-scooter in select markets for EUR799 (around Php46,300).

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