Google’s ‘Easy Access to Google Apps’ branding is now compulsory for all Android OEMs


Since the US released an order to ban Huawei-made devices to have access to the Play Store and download Google apps, Google is now making a clear stand on who should get their topnotch services. Recently, the company has been forcing all Android OEMs to place ‘Easy Access to Google Apps’ on their products’ packaging.

All Android devices that are sold throughout the European region have pre-installed Google apps. However, it has been reported that all new European Xiami devices, specifically the Mi 10 model, need to have an inscription of the ‘Easy Access to Google Apps’ highlighted in their retail boxes and packaging. The report comes from XDA-Developers, who allegedly received information about this new rule. 

Furthermore, the spokesperson of Xiaomi has made it clear that Google formally asked to embed the ‘Easy Access’ statement as they will also be requiring it on their remaining Android business partners in the coming months and years. Fans have been very blunt in telling that this controversial move has something to do with what happened to Huawei a year ago.


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Recently, the company has been integrating the demanded branding on its upcoming marketing strategies so as not to lose its partnership with Google. Losing the Google Play Store means losing millions of their regular sales as nearly all phones across the globe have it on their phones to download popular social media apps, online games, etc.

Google has also pointed out that it will appear similar to any Android device boot screen with the “Powered by Android”. This is required by the company for all tablets and smartphones to partner up with all the services that Google has to offer. Nevertheless, this discussion usually leads to the question of whether Google will soon ban manufacturers if they refuse their future demands.

Lastly, an update has been released by Xiaomi which clarified that this is part of the renewed contract between them and Google to ensure all customers for a top of the line service and accurate information regarding the device’s software. Xiaomi is also part of the first group of manufacturers that will implement the newer version of the agreement. It is said that Vivo will be the next one to do this big move on their new devices.


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