Filipinos will take the longest time to save up for a new iPhone 12 Pro, survey says


Thinking of owning a brand new iPhone 12 Pro? If you’re a Filipino, you will take the longest time to save up to own Apple’s latest release compared to other markets.

Research firm conducted a survey that measures the number of workdays needed by an average joe from certain countries to own the iPhone 12 Pro base model.

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The iPhone 12 Pro base model with 128GB of storage has an official price of Php62,990 in the Philippines. Meanwhile, the average net wage estimate in the Philippines is Php14,999.

With that, the firm estimates that it will take an average working Filipino about 88.2 workdays to save up for the latest iPhone. That’s about three months of saving, without eating anything like the research notes. On the upside, Picodi did say that the Philippines’ numbers have improved by 8 days.

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This puts the Philippines at the bottom of the list, which consists of 58 countries where the iPhone 12 series’ official prices are already known.

We’re just below Ukraine at 87.0 days and Columbia at 86.5 days. Even neighboring Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Malaysia is above us at 40.6 and 29.1 days, respectively.

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The list was topped by Switzerland, where an average wage-earning citizen will only take 4.4 days to own the latest iPhone 12 Pro model. It’s followed by the United States at 6.1 days and Australia at 6.6 days.

To obtain these numbers, Picodi’s research notes that the monthly wages were divided by 21 — the average workdays in a month. The wage figures were based on October 2020 Numbeo data and did not include other expenses. You can read the Picodi’s full report here and the full list below.

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  1. Clearly something wrong with you if you are saving up for a gear that’s worth PHP62,990.00 when your monthly salary is just PHP14,999.00