First ever data science lab in the Philippines officially launched

Photo by Strategic Edge

The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) together with StanShih Foundation has introduced on March 02 the first ever data science laboratory in the Philippines which they call “[email protected]” (Analytics, Computing, and Complex Systems Laboratory).

[email protected] houses a 500-teraflop Acer supercomputer which can be classified as one of the fastest in the ASEAN region. The said supercomputer has a storage capacity of 500 terabytes and it was in courtesy of StanShih Foundation, led by Acer Founder and Chairman Stan Shih.

The said corporate lab is also powered by a multidisciplinary team of experienced and highly trained scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, and engineers who will work together to fulfill the institution’s main purpose.

“Our goal is to improve the way we live, to make things more efficient. The ability of science and technology to improve life is something that we all understand…but mere knowledge is not sufficient,” Chris Monterola, Executive Managing Director of [email protected], said during the launch.

To be able to accomplish this, [email protected] is arranging a coordination with government agencies, non-government organizations, and corporations in its projects.

Master in Business Administration, Master in Data Science, Master in Entrepreneurship, Master in Science in Innovation and Business, Master in Development Management, and Executive Master in Business Administration are the programs offered by [email protected]

Source: AIM.edu | Via: GMA News


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