The Philippines had one of the longest community quarantines in the world. This means that fewer people had day-to-day activities, and, as per Fitbit, most of us slept a lot in the lockdown months of 2020.

For a quick background, Fitbit is a fitness gadget manufacturer that sells activity-focus smartwatches like the Versa 3, Inspire 3, and Sense. They are also known for their app companion, which records and sorts your daily activities like workouts, steps, sleep quality, and more.

The fitness data Fitbit recorded from March to August — the prime months of the health crisis — shows that Filipino Fitbit users took the fewest steps in the Asia Pacific, beating India. Meanwhile, Hong Kong took the title as the country with the most steps taken in the said region.


Fitbit also said that the Philippines is the market with the “most improved” sleep quality. Compared to the 2019 average scores, Filipinos sleeping time was 30 minutes longer. Albeit, it dropped to 25 minutes when the restrictions eased.

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Moreover, the study reveals that a lot of Asia Pacific users shifted to meditation, pilates, and yoga during the said months. These are activities that can be easily done indoors.

All in all, the data shows that while people are forced to live a more sedentary lifestyle, they did pivot to more frequent activities that helps release stress.

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