Apple is known for producing luxurious products in the tech space—be it a smartphone, a laptop, a desktop, etc.—and its smartwatch product is no different. While how Apple manages to sustain its business model is a complex topic, one thing is certain—it’s consumer base is relatively low with pricing that is aimed for the well-off or the rich.

But the reputable tech company is going to change that—at least, in the smartwatch arena—as it introduces a product that, while may still be more expensive than the competition, would attract slightly to the average income-earning persons. Apple is finally introducing a smartwatch that is more affordable, but still got all the essentials you would need for the device: the Apple Watch SE.


At the Php15,990 price point, the Apple Watch SE targets not just the average adult who would find significant lifestyle value in a wearable tech, but also children as well. The idea comes with the company’s introduction of the Apple Watch Family Setup which sees the syncing of multiple watches to a single iPhone, giving a family of Apple Watch users a tighter digital bond.

Although it may not be on par as the upcoming Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE features a solid build that is substantially superior than previous Apple Watch iterations by either embodying a more advanced hardware or improving on their existing features.

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