After teasing it for quite some time, GCash finally announced that it’s bringing crypto buying to its platform.

In a press release, GCash said that the goal is to offer affordable, secure, and convenient ways for users to buy crypto on popular crypto exchanges such as Binance, Paxful, and Philippine Digital Assets Exchange (PDAX), with a lot more to be added on the list soon.


GCash is also accepted by tons of crypto exchange platforms for P2P (peer-to-peer) and cash-in transactions.

For those while will transact on PDAX, GCash is offering a cash-in fee of only 3% and a fixed cash-out fee of Php10.

With its whopping 55 million registered users, GCash would really help push crypto trading to the mainstream.

“With the continued expansion of the digital age, it’s vital for financial institutions like GCash to keep up with the trends and customers’ preferences, like cryptocurrency. And at GCash, we are doing just that to further enhance the customers’ experience and enable them to power up their finances for better lives. GCash will also continue to innovate and provide safe, relevant, and accessible financial services for all,” said Martha Sazon, GCash President and CEO.

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  1. For me, the leader in cryptocurrency wallets is TrustWallet.
    The earlier they designate themselves as SMS leader by wallet, the more likely they are to amass billions of dollars of large holders once the full-fledged trend of this story begins.

    Not to mention the fundamental influx of audience.

    We need to be clear that there will now be a battle for the word PURCHASE.

    When you talk about exchanges, it is actually very rarely “exchanges” that come to mind.

    More often Binance comes to mind, simply because it is a direct synonym for all CEX.

    For CZ and management, in my opinion, it is categorically important to make WEB3 / DEX synonymous with Trust Wallet.