For those who don’t know, today is the launch of Globe’s Samsung Galaxy S4! For those who pre-ordered, you’ll be able to claim your unit today at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio from 4PM to 8PM. Check out the photo gallery after the jump.

iampoch's Globe S4 album on Photobucket

Earlier in the day, though, Globe held a press conference to both unveil the Galaxy S4, and the new-and-improved Globe My Super Plan. If you think that the Super Plans were awesome before, they’ve become more awesome now! For one, you’re now able to choose your lock-in period (from 6 to 30 months). The longer the lock-in period, though, the smaller your cash-out for a new unit phone would be. I’ll update you guys soon. For now, enjoy the pics I took of the press conference.

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