Google Now, one of the finest offering from the Big G, has been rumored to be integrated on the ever-reliable Google Search. But before that happens, they just launched the super-useful personal assistant application for iPhone and iPad users.

Google Now first appeared on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and is regarded as one of the key features of the said OS though it has been distributed in the Play Store some time after. It’s main function is that it gives you the information even before searching for it. It can remind you of your schedule, the time, give you directions, and how long you will get there. It’s an intelligent personal assistant that everybody would like to have.

Google Now for iPhone and iPad now available for download

All the information can be seen on a minimalistic cards that you can easily configure and dismiss if you feel like doing so. If the details above look too personal to you, it’s still up to your decision how much information you would give, but do remember that your experience will be limited by your own choices.

Google Now has is really fun to use and it’s up to you to find out the rest of its functionality. Click here to update your Google Search for iOS.

[Source: Google]

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