Thanks to Apple, eSIM technology is gaining a lot of attention. In fact, all of the iPhone 14 models sold in the United States already ditched the physical SIM slot.

With that, it’s already expected that Android OEMs will follow suit. In fact, at MWC 2023, Google announced a new eSIM switch tool to make things much easier for Android users.


As of today, it’s quite a hassle to switch eSIM profiles from one Android phone to another. You have to go through the process of unregistering the eSIM profile on the old device before you can reactivate it to the new one.

This process could involve reaching your network provider for assistance, which you already know can take some time and effort.

Now, Google said that than eSIM transfer tool is coming to Android this year. Once available, switching devices will be much easier.

As per the company, Deutsche Telekom will be one of the first carriers that will adopt the upcoming eSIM transfer for Android.

The announcement was made after rumors that Google is working on a feature that can convert physical SIM cards to eSIM.

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