Google Home can now pair and work with Bluetooth speakers


Google has officially added a much-awaited feature to their popular speaker and voice assistant — the ability to connect to other Bluetooth speakers.

The new feature works across all Google Home devices which include the regular Google Home, Home Mini, and Home Max.

To make it work, simply go to the Google Home app on your Android or iOS device. Head to the Device Settings and proceed to the pairing process to make the external or third-party Bluetooth speaker as the default.

Take note that the Google Home voice assistant should still be within range when you are issuing commands, as the new feature only extends the audio functionality, not the listening capability.

What can you do with the Google Home and Bluetooth speaker setup?

For the most part, it should work the same as before but with greater flexibility in the area covered and sound quality.

Under the settings, there is an option to group speakers to make them sync with each other. This means that the user can transfer between rooms and still get the same content on the speaker next door.

Of course, this is just one of the possibilities with the new setup. We are currently waiting for the update to hit our Google Home unit. We’ll report again once we get it up and running.

Source: Google

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