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Fragmentation has always been a big issue with Android devices. This problem is caused by different OEMs and manufacturers who are applying their own skin on top of Android in an attempt to one-up each other.

The result? When a new Android update comes, a lot of Android devices have to wait months before it can have a taste of what the latest version of Android has to offer. That is if your device is lucky enough to still be on the waiting list, as most smartphones don’t get updated at all.

All of these hurdles are what Android wants to address with Project Treble. With this move, we can expect the distribution of new software updates to be faster than before.


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The Project Table basically separates the OS framework into two. The first one will have the main Android OS while the second one will house the OEM’s own skin and user-interface. With that, Android can just swap out their own framework with a new one, without having to wait for OEMs to develop a tailored interface for the new update.

Project Table will work with Android Oreo. Devices who came with the new Android version out of the box will automatically support Treble. But for those who came with older versions of Android, the folks at XDA Developers provided a list of smartphones that will be given this feature in the future.

If Project Treble becomes successful, Android users can soon experience the fast and unified software updates like the iOS users get. For more information, plus the additional list devices with unofficial Project Table support, you can check out XDA Developer’s post here.

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