Google Philippines just shared the top keyword searches that Filipinos used for June 2020.

As we celebrated the special day for dads last June 21, ‘Father’s Day’ related search terms topped Google’s list as it surged by up to 1,200%.


However, just like in the previous months, COVID-19 related searches still dominated Google searches for the month of June.

The top trending query was ‘Type O blood coronavirus’ as there was news circulating that those with type O bloods have a lower risk of getting infected.

Meanwhile, search terms such as ‘signs of coronavirus’, ‘sore throat’, and ‘track and trace’ had a spike in interest last month.

As we enter the new normal, most people are trying to bounce back from the economical effects of the pandemic. This could be one of the reasons why loan searches surged by 60% last June, with the term ‘sss calamity loan processing time’ hitting an all-high of 5,000% plus.

Here’s the top list of COVID-19 related searches last June 2020:

1. What is coronavirus?

2. Is coronavirus airborne?

3. When will coronavirus end?

4. Is there asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus disease?

5. Is itchy throat a sign for coronavirus?

6. How to prevent coronavirus.

7. How coronavirus spread.

8. When did coronavirus start in PH?

9. How to cure coronavirus at home.

10. Can coronavirus survive in water?


The search engine also revealed that the majority of coronovirus searches came from Eastern Visayas, followed by Central Visayas, Cordillera Administrative Region, Zamboanga Peninsula, Caraga, Metro Manila, Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslicm Mindanao, Western Visayas, Bicol, and Davao Region.

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