The Social Security System (SSS) constantly provides cash assistance for their qualified members from natural disasters and public health emergencies for the last decades. With the extended impact of the recent coronavirus pandemic in livelihood and employment, the government has announced that Filipinos can apply for a calamity loan to aid our financial encumbrance. Here are some of the things that you should know.

SSS Calamity Application Eligibility Rules

The calamity loan of SSS will be made available for all qualified members meeting the following eligibility requirements.

  • Your current residential address must be declared ‘State of Calamity’ by the local government unit or the President himself.
  • The member must have paid the required contribution for at least three years or 36 months.
  • The last six months’ worth of contribution must be posted already for the last year or 12 consecutive months before the month you apply for the calamity loan.
  • The member must have not availed benefits for death, total disability, or retirement benefits.
  • Any outstanding balance left for restructuring and other cash assistance packages for calamity loans in a SSS Member’s account should have been settled before the application.
  • A member must be non-delinquent and employed before the company shuts off its services due to the State of Calamity.

Requirements for the Calamity Loan during an ECQ/MECQ/GCQ

Since the country is in state of calamity plus the community quarantine protocols, SSS will no longer require their loan applicants to visit an SSS office to submit forms and hardcopy of requirements. To process your loan, here are the required documents:

a) Fully-furnished SSS Calamity Loan application form.

b) Certification of residency from your respective barangay

c) One valid government-issued ID or 2 secondary IDs

For OFWs, here are the requirements when applying through a representative other than the first three.

a) Duly signed authorization letter

b) Clear copy or scanned document copies of the valid OWF ID or any proof of employment.

c) Original copy and/or a clear copy of the valid government-issued ID or 2 secondary IDs of the representative.

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Calamity Loan Benefits from SSS

1.) A qualified member can get up to Php20,000 amount of loan or equivalent to one month worth of salary.

2.) A 10% annual interest rate.

3.) The repayment duration for up to 27 months which is equivalent to the regular 24 months of payment period plus three months of the moratorium. Payments will be required in the fourth month after the month and date of approval.

4.) The service fees will be waved monthly during the repayment period.

SSS Calamity Loan Application Procedure

1.) Due to the community quarantine protocols that are being implemented in each area under the State of Calamity, all applications and submission of requirements will be made through the SSS website starting April 24.

2.) Decisions for the calamity loan approval will be made from seven up to fifteen business days from the time when you submit all requirements.

3.) Qualified members will be notified via email with the repayment terms and loan conditions.

4.) Once approved, the loan amount will be credited to your bank account or e-wallet that you have indicated upon application.

For further questions and details about the SSS Calamity Loan, all members can reach out through the hotlines 920-6446 to 55 or send an email to

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  1. Hello po may itatanong lang sana po ako nagloan pa yung kuya ko sa calamity loan na approve po kaso yung account number na binigay po kulang po nang isang number po. Kaya yung tanong po namin anu ba dapat na gawin namin para makuha namin yung ni loan? Thanks po sana magresponse agad.