The Social Security System (SSS) made getting our own individual SSS Number online possible when it introduced this feature a few years back. Although this process will not necessarily cut off the need to visit nearby SSS branches to further process the application, it significantly made the procedure faster to do and therefore lessen the bulk of people who are there for the same reason as everyone else.

However, it makes you wonder if whether or not there is a means to go about verifying one’s SSS number online as well?

At the moment, there is no way to do just that online in 2019. But there are workarounds that result for the same thing—having your SSS number verified when you yourself are totally clueless about.

Why losing your SSS number is a problem

Losing your own SSS number is like losing a part of your identity that you know is important. When your every transaction with the SSS involves you presenting your SSS number, to lose this information is to render yourself inaccessible to something you worked hard for as a paying member—like losing a key to a lock.

But there are some good reasons why people fall into the mishap of such an event. Not only does memorizing a 10-digit SSS number harder to do for most people nowadays, the idea also that there would always be a reference material for it in times of need makes the idea of putting those numbers into our minds the least of everybody’s consideration.

No doubt, this very lax nature is often our own undoing as to why we would typically lose grasp of something important and an inextricable part of our own self-identification.

Yet, unlike the literal case of losing one’s own key to a lock, losing reference to one’s own SSS number need not have to be a permanent thing. You would just have to take an active effort to it and it does not have to be online.

Ask it from your employer

If you are employed in a company, there is a great chance that you would be able to get ahold of your SSS number again through your employer. No employee of a reputable company works without having an SSS number under their name as it’s mandated as part of work, particularly in the Philippines. Partly, this is also due to the fact that your hiring company has the duty to pay for your monthly SSS contribution.

Check it via the SSS E1 Form

When you personally handled the application of your SSS previously, you would recall ever receiving a pink slip with certain information on it. One of those data is your SSS Number which you would find at the upper-left portion of the form.

If you keep a portfolio of your important documents somewhere, there is a likely chance that there is a pink form in there, that is — the SSS E1 form.

Call the SSS Hotline

SSS employs a hotline which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) which is established for one reason—to render support for members of the SSS program. To do so, simply call 920-6446 to 55.

You can check out the full list of SSS Hotline Contact Numbers here for call and SMS inquiries.

Via the SSS Member’s Assistance Section

Not all who visit a nearby SSS branch are individuals who came for a transaction well-prepared and has everything in check. A good portion of the crowd is actually people who are there for support, such as in the case of needing help regarding the verification of one’s SSS number.

However, it is important to know that by going through this latter means, you would need to present some valid IDs which will give proof to who you claim to be, essentially for screening.

Friendly Tips

Now that you have gained access to your SSS number again, make sure to put it into writing somewhere for future reference and to prevent the same mishaps again. In fact, you will be doing yourself good favor by making multiple copies to be kept in certain places.

Furthermore, should you meet all of its requirements, you would also do yourself good service by opting for an SSS UMID Card which will not costs you any penny. Not only will you be having a government-recognized ID for your future legal transactions, you will also get a tangible reminder of your SSS number in the process. In case you’re interested in getting one, here’s our guide on the procedure and requirements for UMID Card application.

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  1. Ako po si ronald b. Gonzales matagal ko n pong hindi nahulugan ang sss ko po last po nung 2003 po ata ndi na po nahulugan .possible po b na maverify po ang sss number niya at kng andun pa po ba ang name niya

  2. Hello good day Ma’am/Sir
    How to know what is my sss number? I forgot my SSS number
    Have a greatday God bless all my sss is lost

  3. Hello good day Ma’am/Sir
    How to know what is my sss number? I forgot my SSS number
    Have a greatday God bless