Wi-Fi routers tend to be ugly and hard to configure, which is why Google has something unique to offer. It’s called the OnHub, a simple router that you won’t be embarrassed to put out in the open.

Because unlike the traditional Wi-Fi router, the OnHub doesn’t have unwieldy wires and external antennas. Everything in this new Google product for the smart home is placed neatly inside its nifty cylindrical shell. It uses subtle LED lights for status indicators and can display the Wi-Fi password when someone taps on it. The antennas (there are 13 of them) are also hidden, but they’re designed to minimize interference and maintain a strong throughput for your network.


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Managing the OnHub is easy and done through an Android or iOS device. The router automatically receives security and feature updates, and it shows how much bandwidth each device is using.

The OnHub is available for pre-order from the Google Store, Amazon and Walmart for $199.99.

[Source: Google]

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