Grab Taxi (or simply known as Grab), the Singapore-based technology company which offers not only transportation, but as well as food delivery and logistics services, announces 8 new app features for their #BetterEveryday benefits.

After the app has reached a milestone last Sunday—hitting its 3 billion passenger mark across South East Asia (SEA)—Grab celebrates this breakthrough by enhancing their daily services in all aspects (transportation, food, logistics) for their customers. For years, the app had made people’s lives easier with GrabFood, GrabExpress, GrabRewards, and GrabPay.

For transports, these are the notable new features:

  • Cancel Anytime (before allocation). Passengers can now cancel their booking attempts provided a driver has not been assigned yet.
  • Saved Places. This feature allows booking to be easier and faster as passengers can now save places they often request to get dropped-off and picked-up or places they frequently visit. Having particular places saved means a shortcut will be available for it whenever you boot up your Grab app, so you don’t need to spend quite some time typing. It’s just one click away from booking.
  • Reward Points for Passengers Who Were Canceled On. For whatever reason the driver or passenger has, cancellations occur when either party has connected. Grab has taken this into consideration. Now, when a driver quits on his assigned passenger, the latter can acquire 30 GrabRewards points (credited within a 24-hour period).
  • Change Destination. In case of incorrect location setting or the passenger decides during the very last minute to switch drop-off points, there is now an option to change destination. You can change your drop-off location by simply pressing on the drop-off point itself or hitting the Change option on the Driver’s Details screen while in-transit. This is particularly convenient because it saves time and money than having to get off an already booked driver just to hail for another on
  • Lost and Found. If ever you left personal belongings while riding with Grab, you can now recover your possessions by tapping on the Booking History option, then choose the recent booking record, proceed to tap on the New Call button and it should connect you with the driver of the vehicle you left your stuff in. Take note, however, that you can only reach the driver in this way for 4 hours. After that allotted time period, passengers may reach the driver via the Help Center.
  • Passenger Time-Out. Feedbacks were taken into consideration regarding passengers canceling on drivers even when the drivers are on their way to the pick-up point. Now, this new feature allows drivers to temporarily ban passengers who cancel way too much. On the other hand, passengers will not be able to book a service for at least 23 hours upon reaching the following limit: Maximum of 2 cancellations per Grab Service within an hour, Maximum of 3 cancellations per Grab Service within 24 hours, Maximum of 5 cancellations per Grab Service within 7 days.


Other than these new transport features, here are the Grab applications which also received improvements:

GrabFood. It was launched 6 months ago and since then, it has become the Philippines’ leading online food delivery service. As of current, it now carries the widest restaurant selection with 5,000 active merchants from Metro Manila and Cebu (that being, GrabFood was introduced in Cebu last month), and still, it continues to partner with a diverse array of merchants.One of its newest partnership is the Korean chicken brand, Bon Chon. Brands like Tori Chizu and Go Bento are now available for delivery using this platform.

“We continue to sustain our hyper-growth stage in the Philippines. We’re fueled to satisfy more of our consumers’ cravings. We will do this by further expanding our restaurant selections and providing more food deals and experiences to our consumers.” Assures GrabFood’s Head, EJ Dela Vega.

GrabExpress. The platform is a reliable on-demand delivery partner of the Filipinos. There are two new features added for GrabExpress to support more micro-entrepreneurs and make deliveries faster and more convenient, namely:

  • Multi-Stop Delivery Feature (MSD) – Allows users to send deliveries in 5 different recipients and locations with just one single rider.
  • Multiple Concurrent Bookings (MCB) – This one caters for social sellers and micro-entrepreneurs which allows them to send a maximum of 10 parcels using different partners all at the same time.

“As an everyday app, we continue to use our technology to provide solutions that will improve the daily experience of our fellow Filipinos. Our goal is to serve our consumers better everyday with the challenge to always go above and beyond what is expected.” Says Brian Cu, the country head of Grab Philippines. Indeed, Better Everyday lives up to its expectations of making the lives of its consumers easier and hassle-free.

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