Former HUAWEI Consumer BG Software Engineering Department President Wang Chenglu revealed that HarmonyOS will soon arrive in PCs — an unsurprising move since we’ve been expecting the Chinese company to bring their proprietary platform to more devices to become less reliant on US products.

But unlike the exclusivity of macOS, HarmonyOS for PC will be more like Windows, so we may see it on non-HUAWEI PCs.

Chenglu, who was also the head of HUAWEI’s AI and All-scenario Intelligence Business Unit, has been with HUAWEI for years and helped create both HarmonyOS and EMUI.

The ex-HUAWEI software head didn’t reveal anything else about the move. Details like a launch date or whether the platform will come from open-source community members or from HUAWEI themselves are yet to be known.


However, knowing how hard at work HUAWEI is on developing its own platform, we might see HarmonyOS for PC as early as next year.

Chenglu left HUAWEI last year but stayed close to home as he now works for Kaihong Digital, which focuses on creating IoT operating systems and conducting wide research for HarmonyOS.

Via: Huawei Central

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