Satellite internet is seen as the best solution to improve internet connectivity in the Philippines as it can easily reach underserved communities living in far-flung areas — and a number of local and international firms are banking on this.

After SpaceX, California-based firm Astranis said that they are working to offer satellite internet connectivity in the Philippines by next year. As of writing, the company is preparing to deploy a satellite that will help send internet connection to about 2 million Filipinos across the country.


A spokesperson confirmed that they are also in the process of finalizing the launch of several satellites, which shall be completed before the end of 2023. They said that the satellite designated for the Philippines will be launched alongside four other MicroGEO satellites riding a dedicated rocket.

Astranis wants to establish connectivity in more than 5,000 locations across the Philippines with its first satellite and aims to deploy more to improve coverage in the future.

The US-based company is teaming up with Orbits Corp., a satellite services provider, to bring the technology to the Philippines.

“Orbits is very capable and very experienced, with over 20 years of providing internet services to the Philippines. Having a local partner who understands the local landscape and the unique needs of a country is a critical factor for our success in any given market,” Astranis said.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is focused on providing internet services in isolated and disadvantaged areas in the country. Hence, getting a license for Astranis might be relatively easy.

Astranis, founded in 2015, is also setting up a business in North America, Alaska, and Peru after raising USD400 million (~Php22.8 billion) from global investors.


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