Cignal’s satellite broadband service called Cignal Connect is now more attainable as it comes with a prepaid tier.

Cignal Connect uses a familiar technology that utilizes satellites in space to beam internet directly to households using dish satellites. This method means that it can reach remote areas, which there are a lot in an archipelago like the Philippines.

With Cignal Connect Prepaid, users can choose from flexible data promos that start at 10GB, 20GB, 30GB, 50GB and up to 70GB. Great if you’re just living alone, with big families, or love streaming content at high definition. The service also provides up to 15Mbps of maximum download speed and 1Mbps for uploads.

Since it’s prepaid, users have the freedom to add more data to their package if they need to. What’s more, they don’t have to be tied into a lock-in period.

Data AllocationValidityPrice
10GB30 daysPhp3,300
20GB30 daysPhp6,400
30GB60 daysPhp9,400
50GB90 daysPhp15,400
70GB90 daysPhp21,400

Customers would also need to pay the satellite broadband kit one-time fee of Php36,000. Installation cost starts at Php6,000.


The company also bragged that the prepaid Cignal Connect, unlike other data-capped satellite broadband services, doesn’t reset monthly. This means that, the higher the data promo, the longer the validity period.

But if you want unlimited access, the old Cignal Connect Postpaid plan is still available.

Those who are interested can go to their nearest Cignal dealer or reach them through or (02) 8888-5555. Reloading can be easily done through a self-service portal.

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