The satellite-based broadband service that Manny V. Pangilinan teased on Twitter turns out to be the new Cignal Connect.

Currently, there are four plans available under Cignal Connect, starting with the 2Mbps plan with a Php6,500 monthly rate. The fastest is the 10Mbps plan for Php23,500 per month. All plans have no data capping, a 12-month lock-in period, and 1Mbps upload speed (except for the cheapest plan, which has a 0.5Mbps max upload).

All indicated speeds are maximum or peak speeds. Cignal Connect has also disclosed that its services are subject to an “equitable share of network resources among its customers.”

Besides the monthly fee, Cignal Connect has a one-time initial charge of Php6,000 for installation and Php36,000 for the kit, which consists of a 1.2m antenna, a 3W block upconverter, and an HT 2300 modem. The installation charge may be higher depending on location.

Cignal Connect Satellite Internet Plans


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Clearly, the cost is pricier than other Internet service options available in the Philippines. But as Cignal Connect is a satellite broadband service, it’s marketed for subscribers whose home and/or business locations are not covered by any fixed and mobile broadband service. This is for those who are in far-flung areas in the country.

Per Cignal Connect’s official page, it is now available in Luzon, with a launch in Visayas and Mindanao coming soon. To apply for Cignal Connect, a subscriber must submit the application form and provide a valid ID and proof of billing.

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  1. I had high hopes about having satellite-based broadband specifically since yung lugar namin eh totally walang signal for Globe then andap-andap lang for Smart/TNT; nagpasign-up ang PLDT for Home Fiber pero ayun wala ring nangyari. Super effort kami for our work from home and online classes to rent somewhere else. Umasa kami dito sa Cignal sana kaso grabe, ganito kamahal!!!! Totoo ba?? Akala pa namin namin, yun na ang sagot sa dreams namin na magkarron ng maayos na internet connection at makapagtrabaho kahit nasa bahay lang pero, goodness, mas pahirap pa kung magsusubscribe dito eh…tsk..tsk

  2. Mahal naman pag nga maulap parang pirated yun signal kahit local tv stop stop Freeze palabas partida nasa City kana nyan eto pa kaya internet mahal na dipa sulit speed di sulit . Anong pinag sasabi flung areas nun isa nag comment sa city nga mabagal parin yan pang bukid pa kaya babayarin mo pag ka mahal stop stop pa pinapanood mo pirated lang peg..

  3. I mean, does no one ever read the post?
    Typical smartasses that are quick to comment and criticize, yet they can’t read the full post aside from pictures and the title.

    The post clearly states, this is for people who are in far flung areas which no ISP will cover.

    For them the choice is to have NO INTERNET, or have internet, albeit an expensive one.

    1. Sino hindi magcriticize ng ganito ka mahal na rates? have they not think na mas konti ang nakakaaford sa malalalyong areas ng bansa? Hindi ibig sabihin na kapag walang ISP cover ang isang area eh bigla mo nalang llgyan ng gnyan ka mahal na rates, porket walang choice? they are not helping at all. better yet mg cellular data nalang sila. this is clearly a way of ripping our fellow Filipinos. Isip isip din pag may time! pera pera lang mga to pero ang serbisyo palpak!

  4. What kind of rates is this, only dirty politicians can affort this. My god forgive them for they don’t know where to get the money invested in PLDT expansion and fiber cable they (CEO) laid out for more than 100,000 kilometer fiber cable around Philippines.

  5. I’m a retired CANADIAN living in the Philippines. My country is recognized around the world as having the most expensive internet/cellular costs in the world. Thanks to cignal we have been dethroned as these rates are 3-4 times more expensive than Canadian rates LOL. If I was Duterte I would nationalize this whole industry and throw the owners out of the country. What they are doing is criminal!!
    Put the profit in the hands of the Filipino’s.