Any song on YouTube or in any other video content streaming platform can be your jam but not all apps can perfectly convert them into an MP3 format. Luckily, Android users have a wide range of options for applications that can successfully carry out audio processing with the best quality, performance, reliability, format, and size. We have outlined the eight of the top recommended apps for video to MP3 conversion.

MP3 Converter for Android


Designed and developed by the Keerby Applications, the MP3 Converter is one of the easiest to use. It can support your MP3 conversion needs into several audio formats. You can change the frequency, channel, and bitrate before the conversion process begins plus you can devise the start and end time of the duration for the output.

In addition, you can change the volume of the output’s audio as it comes with a metadata-based editor that can carry out the conversion process on the background. Notably, it is downloadable for free in the Google Play Store but you can purchase a premium subscription to remove the ads and more preset features.


Media Converter

With a user-friendly and awesome interface, the Media Converter is a lightweight video to MP3 conversion app for Android users. It incorporates FFmpeg and LGPL features while background conversion is taking place.


Notably, the app gives regular push notifications when your current downloaded version is outdated to keep you away from bugs and malware. Not only you can convert video to MP3 formats but you can also convert it back to video format. It only requires Android 4.0 version and up.

Furthermore, you can cut, chip, and extract an audio part and have it converted as a separate audio file for other purposes like your background track or a ringtone. You can also edit and modify the output of a video inside the app. The configurations include the capacity to change the settings of your video and audio bitrate settings. In addition, you could alter the sample, frame, and resolution rate.


Video to MP3 Converter


As one of the oldest conversion app, Video to MP3 Converter features a classic yet ‘audio master’ execution. You will be able to convert into various MP3 formats and video files of your choice. You can go cut and easily trim a video then capture your favorite audio part while boosting its volume and sound. Its stylish and modern user interface makes it easy for anyone to use the app.

For batch downloads, the app can support MP3 conversion for up to 20 files at once. If you need to convert more, you can process another batch and modify the output features. You can also alter the bitrate into your desired level and limit as well as its metadata for editing the file details before saving it for your final output. Ensure that you are using a 4.3 version of Android or even higher.


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Audio Converter


Publicly available without any extra cost both for offline and online use, the Audio Converter has centralized functions on a single app dashboard. It caters both audio and video conversion process across various file formats depending on what suits best for your taste. You can extract and cut a portion of a video and have it converted into an audio file then merge files into one. Thus, it is one of the best choices for professional music mixers and editors for commercial use.

The codec of the audio is kept updated by its developers and the app allows the cancelation of the conversion process easily. It can display why the conversion process has failed as well as the suggestions on how to fix it. The output can also give you options to tweak the sample rate and bitrate but make sure to use a 4.1 version of Android OS or higher.


MP3 Video Converter


The simplified user interface of the MP3 Video Converter has been reviewed to be one of the best by many users. The ability of the phone to process the conversion is dependent on its hardware.

With its app-based integration to various media players, it can support ARMv7 or even higher. It also has FFmpeg and libraries and editor for its metadata before its final output. The bitrate can be modified one by one, so you can set whatever you like.


Video MP3 Converter Fundevs


Known for a laid back conversion to several audio file formats, the Video MP3 Converter Fundevs is recommended to be used by beginners. Like the first few that we have mentioned above, you will be allowed to extract a portion of the video’s audio easily but just toggling the exact second or minute.

The app is known to produce high-quality sound as you can devise the sample rate and bitrate. You can type the name of the file that you will be using on the Search Field to locate files easily. Before you save the file, you have the option to edit the metadata.


Fast MP3 Video Converter


Offered for free in the Play Store, the Fast MP3 Video Converter supports various file formats for high quality outputs. You can carry out audio conversion with formatting choices to modify the channel, sample rate, or the bitrate through the app. The app highlights its capacity to convert five videos on a single batch for high-quality sounds on your MP3.


InShot Video to MP3 Converter


Known as a multi-purpose for the video to MP3 conversion, the InShot Video to MP3 Converter has a small scale of editing your audio. However, you can go cut and easily trim the audio file from MP4 files to MP3. It may not be filled with fancy features but the basic functions of changing the bit rate and frequency into perfect bits. You can also convert DVDs into MP4, MP4, AAC, and more.


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